• Requirements - You need to install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or later.

  • Select input source - To be able to tune your instrument you need to allow access to your computer’s microphone. Press the “Allow-button” (Allow-button from Adobe Flash Player) in the pop-up window to use the built-in microphone. No audio data is stored or sent to server, for more information see our Privacy Policy. If the computer does not have a built-in microphone you can use an external microphone, click the settings-button (Microphone settings) on the tuner and change the input source to your external microphone. You can also change the input source to line-in, which enables you to plug in an electric guitar to the sound card.

  • Pluck the string - The tuner will display the current note and indicate the current pitch.

  • Start to tune - The string is in tune when the needle has a vertical position. If the needle is to the left of the center you need to tighten the string. If the needle is to the right of the center you need to reduce the tension of the string. Remember only to make minor changes to the strings tension while tuning.

  • Tune by ear - If you would like to tune your instrument by ear you just click on a string and you can listen to each pitch. The guitar tuner provides a massive library of different tunings for guitar but you can also tune your bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, violin, balalaika or any type of stringed instrument. - Start playing Start playing and tell your friends about this free guitar tuner site.