In-Studio Guitar Lessons

Take in-studio guitar lessons with founder, Robert Gallagher. The guitar is one of the most rewarding of all the instruments to learn. Whether you want to give your child a solid foundation in music or are an adult looking to enhance your own knowledge and skills, Robert Gallagher can help.

Robert provides excellent in-studio lessons in all styles. His students range from beginners to professional players. All ages are welcome! It's never too late to pick up an instrument and start learning.

Robert is passionate about teaching and values the success of his students. His expertise as a guitarist and songwriter make him a very sought after instructor and musician. Call today and explore the possibilities!

Classical  |  Jazz  |  Rock  |  Pop  |  Blues  |  Finger-style  |  Country  |  Metal

Young Beginners

Early success on the guitar is the number one priority. While making learning guitar fun, children learn basic triads, simple chord movements and melody reading.

Teenage and Adult beginner

Nothing builds confidence more than strumming your first song. Musical journey begins by learning basic chords then playing songs chosen to suite the student’s musical taste. After, students move on to cover a wide range of topics in Gallagher’s Guitar Method.

Intermediate thru advanced professionals

Lessons are structured around your goals on the instrument. Some areas covered:

  • * Fine tuning your technique and technique development
  • * Music Theory
  • * Improvisation: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country
  • * Learning the musical language of your chosen genre
  • * Rhythm Playing all genres
  • * Finger-style
  • * Understanding the fingerboard
  • * Melody and Chord playing
  • * Sight-reading

In addition to teaching guitar, Robert also teaches electric bass and ukulele

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